Engineering and Design Services


At Advanced Labelworx, Inc. we deliver more than pressure sensitive labels; our most important service is our proven years of experience.

Creating your custom labeling solution begins with our solutions sales consultants.  It takes more than a sales pitch to ensure a properly engineered label.  Our goal is to see and understand what our competition may overlook.  Once we have properly evaluated your process, including material requirements, application and performance expectations; your account is handled personally by a dedicated account manager.  All relevant details concerning your custom label are recorded in a master specification to drive your order through our manufacturing process.

Engineering and Design Service Highlights

  • Our Technical Services Department works with the industry’s leading material manufacturers to validate existing agency approved materials.  We can also test and gain new listings for your label requirements
  • Our manufacturing process utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and materials to produce single or multilayered constructions to achieve your performance expectations
  • Not sure what you are currently using for your label material?  Our seasoned experts can evaluate the adhesive and material to reverse engineer our way to a matched or superior labeling solution
  • As a standard we provide PDF proofs via email to confirm every graphic detail is correct
  • Our art department produces the highest quality digital files to provide high definition flexographic plates and digital printing

Label Engineering

Our collective years of continued research and successful completion of previous projects and earned agency approvals ensure our ability to create a superior label design to meet your needs.


“Every Label Application is Unique”

Engineering Approved Drawings are key to documenting and communicating all specifications required for each labeling system.  Advanced Labelworx, Inc. offers drawing updates for all customers, leaving only the approval for the customers’ engineers.

A thorough engineering approved drawing includes all materials and adhesives, the application surface, and the environmental requirements.  All 165 plus agency approvals maintained by Advanced Labelworx, Inc. outline the application surface and performance characteristics.  Over the years we have developed the following top 10 items to be discussed when confirming a specific material for application.

  1. Can a current drawing of the part (with specified requirements) be supplied?
  2. Do we need to match specific components or can approved material and adhesive equivalents be used?
  3. What are the performance expectations of the labeling solution i.e. will the label be exposed to chemicals and if so what kind?
  4. What is the application surface?
    1. Is the application surface metal or plastic?
    2. Is the application surface painted (smooth epoxy or powder-coat paint)?
    3. Is the application surface rough or textured?
    4. Is the application surface round or flat (will the label be wrapped to itself)?
  5. Temperature Requirements?
  6. Will the label be Indoor/Outdoor exposed or enclosed?
  7. Will the label be imprinted?  If so, what is the make/model of the printer?
  8. Is this an existing label or a new application?
  9. Please note previous issues, challenges and areas for improvement.
  10. What is the annual quantity required?

Once a material is confirmed for use our purchasing department monitors inventory to ensure no aged components are used in label construction.

Testing In Our Lab Facilities

Advanced Labelworx, Inc. has equipped, on-site lab facilities.  This enables our dedicated technical staff to conduct research & development and product testing in-house.  Our team of experts are capable of:

  • Engineering products to create customized solutions for our customers
  • Reverse engineering of products to create a matched or superior product
  • Verify strength, consistency and effectiveness of material constructions