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Tier I & II automotive suppliers have demanding surface and environmental exposure requirements.

Automotive labeling solutions must be designed to endure these requirements as it is vitally important to identify a product for installation and provide after-market traceability.

ALI has a long history of supplying under the hood, under the dash, as well as inside the cab durable labels to satisfy these requirements.  Our ability to do so rests on our understanding of proven adhesives, face stocks, ink systems and agency approved thermal transfer ribbons.  ALI serves more than 25% of the top 100 global OEM automotive parts suppliers.  Understanding the special servicing requirements of today’s automotive industry enables us to confidently supply your labeling needs.
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Although similar to the automotive industry, the truck industry has some unique labeling requirements that are all its own.  Parts need to withstand vibration as well as high heat conditions and harsh chemical exposure.  Whether the application requires a metal nameplate or multiple paint masks for protection of critical information during the paint process, we can help you with your unique situation.
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