Electrical Controls & Distribution

Whether dealing with electrical switches, control panels, breakers or large electrical boxes, the need for accurate labeling that can meet long life endurance standards is a must.  These high voltage applications require a label that will not fade and can withstand both high heat and harmful UV exposure.

ALI has more than 45 years of experience in the Electrical Industry.  Our technical staff works closely with UL/cUL/CSA and can help you select the right material, adhesive and print method for your label, tape or insulation need.  ALI has one of the largest UL/cUL/CSA file listings in the industry, which continues to grow as a result of working closely with our customers to approve new constructions.

By calling us during the design phase, we can offer recommendations that meet product requirements at the most economical production method.  Whether we use our in-house lab or third party lab facilities, we can assist in lab testing of label constructions to your specific conditions.  We offer prototype services for product launches, photo shoots, trade shows or customer approvals.  We have also developed security features unique to customer requirements to assist in combating counterfeit issues in the grey market.Inquire About Solutions

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