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ALI has been providing power tool, nameplate, and outdoor equipment brand identification for over 45 years.  We manufacture labels which adhere to textured plastic, metal, chrome, smooth powder coat paint and contoured surfaces.  Labeling methods include pressure sensitive and imprintable nameplates utilizing foils, robust ink systems, and durable overlaminates.  This type of label construction is critical to communicate the brand name in addition to durable graphic images that reinforce specifications and safety information.

Our Technical staff has engineered many label constructions capable of enduring the environmental stresses and end uses while maintaining a secure bond for the life of the product.  Understanding the surface type is critical to this success as many application surfaces may be flat or contoured, painted or unpainted, smooth or rough, and each with a varying surface energy level.

Practical manufacturing of serial numbers required for warranty and replacement parts can also present durability challenges.  Our technical staff can work with you to design a serialized label or nameplate that can be variable imprinted by ALI or we can install a system in your facility to enable on demand printing.

In addition to understanding the application surface, label constructions must be engineered to endure chemical exposure, pressure wash, abrasion, UV exposure and high heat.  Our UL recognized constructions for hand tools and outdoor equipment further provide our customers with the confidence that ALI has tackled these challenging problems.
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