Medical Device, Diagnostic & Specialty Tape

In the medical industry ALI specializes in unique applications where both experience and a proven record of uncompromising quality have afforded us a long term loyal customer base.

We understand medical tapes whether for general securement of tubing and devices, most skin conditions, hypoallergenic/latex free, water resistant as well as ease of handling with gloves.  Our customers often need tapes that are specialty shaped and/or sheeted for inclusion in medical kits or single applications.

Tapes or special die cut materials can also be required for surgical gown closures or surgical dressings.

ALI also has the capability to manufacture labels in high volumes requiring 100% verification where duplication of alpha/numeric bar codes and human readable numbering is a critical matter.  We not only print but can also provide verification data insuring no duplicate number is present for 100% traceability assurance.

ALI is registered with the FDA, reg. #1036988.  We maintain device listings for medical products such as tapes, devices and adhesives.  Please contact us for further information related to our FDA listings.

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