Original Equipment Manufacturers

ALI works with our OEM customers to recommend the best material / print / adhesive combination, whether you need labels, nameplates or overlays.  We have a range of print methods from digital, screen to flexo and can offer third party documented lab studies which we have conducted to give you options and data to make a quality as well as cost effective selection for your product’s labeling needs.

Our customers are well recognized manufacturers in an array of industries from fire protection equipment to HVAC as well as compressor and material handling equipment.  Their brand identification must last the life of their product often withstanding years of outdoor exposure, harsh chemicals and sometimes very stringent operating conditions.

Most of our OEM customers’ products must also contain a variety of instructional as well as safety information to meet the American National Standards Institute’s qualifications.  We know these labels add nothing to the function of our customer’s equipment, but they are a necessity to avoid operational mistakes and human injury.  These very important components must also withstand harsh outdoor elements, abrasion, chemicals, heat, water, and solvents as well as remain readable and adhere for the life of your product.  The product serial label is among this required group of labels and must be tamper proof, clear and easy to read for the product’s life.

We work extensively in the OEM markets and would like to work with you to explore options to your current labeling system or as you develop new products.
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