Booklet Labels

A Booklet Label is one type of promotional label used for adding extra information to a label without increasing real estate or the ‘footprint’ of a label.

Booklet Labels are also called expanded content labels, extended text labels, leaflet labels, or fold out labels.  Booklet Labels are a great way to fit a large amount of information in a limited amount of space.  The pressure sensitive custom Booklet Label is a multi-panel foldout leaflet that is laminated to a die cut label.

Some of the applications where Booklet Labels can be used are for product operating details, multiple language instructions, caution or warning information, as well as compliance data details.  Booklet Labels can also be used to include instructions, warnings, drug facts, regulatory information or to incorporate additional languages for products sold in various countries.

We offer many multi-fold Booklet Label layout solutions, and have various shapes and sizes with a variety of label designs to suit your label needs.

Contact us and we will be glad to assist you in designing the best Booklet Label Solution for your particular application.

Booklet Labels Example Image 1
Booklet Labels Example Image 2