GHS Labeling

ALI can provide to our customers labels that will meet the requirements of GHS guidelines and OSHA requirements.  There are several variables when considering GHS approved labeling that ALI can assist with.  Some of these considerations are:

  • Pre-Printed labels with red borders
  • The feasibility of small package labeling that incorporates all GHS components
  • Materials that meet BS5609 requirements
  • Ink and ribbon choices that will meet BS5609 requirements
  • Converted labels to fit your existing print equipment
  • Size and design options

There are a total of 9 GHS pictograms. OSHA requires the label to match the SDS pictograms.  But what if you don’t have an updated SDS?  ALI has recommendations on software that can help you in updating your SDS’s to meet the new GHS requirements.

ALI works closely with several resources to help our customers needs in meeting GHS.  Although ALI cannot author a SDS for you, we can get you pointed in the right direction to keep your production flowing without interruption.

Contact us and we will assign a team member that has the technical expertise to help you design the best solution for your particular application.

Ghs Labeling Example Image 1
Ghs Labeling Example Image 2
Ghs Labeling Example Image 3